Brix Property: blockchain-enabled property investment

Brix is a platform for buying, selling, and investing in property. We are “fractionalizing” real estate by allowing individuals to invest into a proportion of a property rather than the entirety of it, as is the case with conventional real estate investing, by splitting properties into shares which can be traded on the platform. The overall aim of the project is to make real estate investing more accessible by lowering capital requirements, increasing liquidity and providing more options for diversifying risk.

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We are Brix:

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Caleb's vision for Brix is to streamline the process of property investment and real estate. Currently, listing properties for sale is difficult and annoying. Caleb thought that Brix would positively benefit by running on blockchain technology to create a more streamlined, "everyone wins", ecosystem.

Caleb is a tech-centered entrepreneur with over 3 years of professional full stack web development experience. He is an avid proponent of blockchain technology, and brings the necessary technical knowledge needed to convey concepts in an effective manner. He has worked a multitude of positions for 2 different blockchain companies, and will bring that experience to the table when founding Brix.

Co-founder, Chairman & Chief Operating Officer
Patrick's vision for Brix is to allow average people to enter the property market without requiring an exorbitant amount of capital to get their foot in the door. He soon realized that it would benefit other demographics as well, such as Institutional Real Estate Investors, Property Developers, and Real Estate Agents, by providing more liquidity and options for diversification and decreasing capital requirements and overall risk.

Patrick has been investing in equity, currency and commodity markets in his underwear for the past five years with above-average success. He will use this experience to assist in making the Brix platform successful.